Life-form Type: Amphibious humanoid
Homeworld: Alpha Centauri IV

The Draeden are an amphibious humanoid species native to the planet Alpha Centauri IV.


Starting life as tadpoles, Draedens developed into tall beings with extremely flexible cartilaginous skeletons. Strong leg muscles allowed for powerful and quick frog-kick style swimming through water as well as a remarkable jumping ability while on land. Fin-like ears also aided them in swimming, as well as expressing emotions like aggression, friendship, and fear. They had partially retractable eyestalks with nictitating membranes when underwater.

Expressive faces and long bills with flaring nostrils were signatures of Draeden physiology. Lengthy muscular tongues and large blunt teeth allowed them to eat lesser amphibians, while a layer of tough skin on the head allowed for burrowing. A Draedens arms ended in four digits, and their feet had three stubby toes, both unlike that of a human. Females were smaller with sleeker faces and tended to tie their ears back. Females Draedens with light-colored ear flaps were considered very attractive by male Draedens, while the ones with dark-colored ear flaps were thought of as 'boyish'.

Draedens had nostrils that sealed when they entered the water. They also boasted very strong compound lungs, allowing them to both hold their breath for extended periods of time, breathe underwater, and withstand the pressure of deep water, along with well-padded kneecaps and powerful calves and legs for increased swimming speed. However, because they were so well-adapted to their watery environment, their skin dried easily in hot and arid climates.


The Draeden are a tribal race with a neolithic level of technology.


The Draeden religion is polytheistic, centered around the worship of a pantheon of gods led by the creator deity Oma-Oma.

Other deities include Dobbis, Gobba, Mekamok, Balmtop, Nododo and Balam.