Alpha Centauri IV
Alpha Centauri IV
Dominant Race: Draeden
Human (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Federation
Capital City: New Samarkand
Population: 3 Billion
Satellites: 2 (Nykos, Tharon)
Star: Alpha Centauri
Star System: Alpha Centauri system
Alpha Centauri IV surface

Alpha Centauri IV is the fourth planet in the Alpha Centauri system, homeworld of the Draeden species and a major Terran Federation colony world.


Pre-Terran FederationEdit

Before the Terran Federation, the planet was settled by a reptilian race only known by the native Draeden as the Elders. This race enslaved the Draeden, forcing them to work at laborers. However, 5,000 years prior to the 28th century, the Elders mysteriously disappeared.

Colonization and WarEdit

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Natural HistoryEdit